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• Have someone else take your picture. Selfies don’t crop well.

• Photos taken by smartphones should work. When submitting the photo, make sure it is as large as possible. Don’t compress it.

• Include some space around your head and shoulders so that your body is not chopped off.

• Stand 3-4 feet away from the camera/phone, and have the photo taken at your eye level

.• Photo should be taken in vertical (portrait) format.

• Holding a glove, ball, foam finger, etc won’t show up if it’s beyond your shoulders.


• Do not match your clothing to the background or you might look like a floating head, unless that's what you're going for!
• If you want to wear a hat, make sure there is a good source of light in front of your face.
• Team colors and jerseys are encouraged!
• If you wear glasses, try tilting or angling your face to avoid glare on your glasses. Avoid using the flash, as well.

• Avoid backlighting -- don’t stand with your back infront of a window or a door.
• Keep in mind what is behind you, there will be a minimum amount showing, but we won’t remove backgrounds from these photos.
• For best results use a solid-color background.